Airly Gap to the Torbane Balcony


Mugii Murum-ban State Conservation Area (NSW)

Glen Alice 8931-4N

Mugii Murum-ban SCA
Airly Gap
The Great Wall
Mt Airly
Torbane Balcony

Day Walk


8 kilometres

775 - 1041 metres

558 metres

558 metres

39 %

12 %



The Torbane Balcony is a ledge running for some 750 metres along the western face of the pagodas of Mt Airly's 'Great Wall'. The ledge twists and turns as it follows the contours of the pagodas. There are views to the southwest near the southern end of the ledge.

There are many ways to get to the Torbane Balcony. For this walk we would follow the fire trail through Rock Bottom and walk up the Mt Airly firetrail to the top, cross over and start exploring. The return trip was planned to come down the spur immediately to the south of Gap Creek.

The Mt Airly fire trail winds steeply up through the forest emerging near the top at a large cluster of pagodas, part of the Gap Creek complex. The views from here across the Capertee Valley are wonderful. From there we follwed the fire trail for another 500m, leaving it to wander north west down into the amazing wall of pagodas that guards Mt Airly's western flank.

The start of the Torbane Balcony is hidden in a cluster of pagodas at the northern end of the pagodas starting as a small overhang on a small ledge. As you walk south along the ledge the ledge gets higher and higher. There are several pagodas outcrops projecting to the west where you can just walk off and explore. The further south you go the high the cliffs below the balcony become.

There are 2 routes off the Torbane Balcony, both leading to the top of the pagodas. The 1st is in a small slot behind a tree which requires a short scramble up and out of the slot. The 2nd is maybe 75 metres further on past the slot. The ledge narrows and care is needed to traverse this section but it is an easy scramble up where the ledge becomes to narrow to continue.

The views from the top of the pagodas above the Torbane Balcony are stunning. Make sure you take the time to enjoy them.

From the top of the pagodas our route took us east up and over Mt Airly and down the spur to Airly Gap. There are a couple of small clifflines to negotiate and in places there are wonderful views to the south across the Capertee Valley.

Last Updated: 03-05-2019