Gundungura Project

In the 1960s Geoff Ford and the Sydney University Rover Crew were very busy with the Gundungura Project, an ambitious plan to compile a Bushwalking Map and Guidebook covering Kowmung Country.

The Gundungura Map was published in 1962, 1966 and again in 1970 as a result of all their research and hard work. The Gundungura Guide was published in 1970.

I was lucky enough to purchase one of the Gundungura Guide Booklets. It is a valuable part of my library, used on many occasions.

SURC Publications Year
Gundungura Guide Booklet 1970
Gundungura Map - 1st Edition 1962
Gundungura Map - 2nd Edition 1966
Gundungura Map - 3rd Edition 1970
Nellys Glen Map 1961

These valuable documents were compiled and published by Dr Geoff Ford and the Sydney University Rover Crew.

Geoff has placed them in the Public Domain as a resource for bushwalkers and made the scanned copies available for download here.

There is no restriction on personal use or printing, provided the work is attributed to the Sydney University Rover Crew.

Thanks to Dr Ford and the Sydney University Crew for all the hard work required to produce the fascinating Gundungura Maps and the Gundungura Guide Booklet.