How To Use Dingo Gap

The Dingo Gap web site is arranged in sections that contain related information. Mostly the information is about bushwalking in the Blue Mountains but my interests are varied and other places and themes have crept in over the 13 years this site has been operational.

Access to the Pages is via a menu system which is activated by moving the mouse pointer over the menu headings. Sub-Menus are used as needed to group similar information like:
  • historical information
  • features from a particular national park
  • plants from the same species
Dingo Gap has some other helpful facilities:
  • a site specific search engine that can search the entire site
  • Satellite Maps showing the location of specific features.
A quick Site Search capability has been implemented on the upgraded Dingo Gap web pages. Enter your keyword or search phrase and either click the Search Icon or press the Enter Key. Results from your search will be presented in a list that you can browse.
Places, Fauna and Flora Sections have active filters. Select the criteria you wish to search for and the display will be updated with all information that matches.

Text in Dingo Gap Gallery is generally in black.

Hyperlinks are used to provide links to Pages containg related information. Clicking a hyperlink will take your browser to the appropriate Dingo Gap web page.

Dingo Gap works on any device that runs a suported browser. The upgraded Dingo Gap site is fully responsive and will display hi-resolution photos on anything up to a 27" screen.

Dingo Gap has been tested on a range of modern browsers.

If you encounter broken hyperlinks or compatibility issues with your browser, please let me know.