Frequently Asked Questions

I get asked all sorts of questions about Bush Walking. The ones I get asked the most are listed below, along with their answers.

Dingo Gap has been tested with the following Browsers:

  • Chrome
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  • Edge
  • IE 9, 10, 11
  • Opera
  • Safari

I use a Garmin foretrex 601 GPS unit. I use it mostly for logging the routes as I walk.

The foretrex 601 is a small wrist mounted device that provides standard GPS functionality.

I've found them to be accurate, light and extremely rugged. Worn on the wrist they need to be.

There is no support for topo maps on the foretrex 601.

The Garmin foretrex GPS units are the only devices I have needed. Over the years I've used the 201, 301 and 401 before my curent 601.

Note: I use the appropriate topo map and a compass. Technology is useful but it can fail.

I use Second Edition Department of Lands Maps which are produced on GDA94. My GPS is usually set to GDA94, matching the maps.

Map References in Dingo Gap are GDA94 (Geocentric Datum of Australia).

I generally do not publish Grid References for sensitive locations like Aboriginal Sites, Canyons and the like.

If a Location is well known and Grid References are already in the public domain, I may publish a Grid Reference.

The Dingo Gap RSS Feed will notify you when updates are made to the Dingo Gap website.

You can subscribe to the Dingo Gap RSS Feed from an RSS Feed Reader.

Most Browsers will require you to install a Feed Reader.

Opera is the exception - it has a very good News Reader built in.