About Dingo Gap

My Dingo Gap web site has been running continually now for 18 years.

Over that time, Dingo Gap has grown from a simple blog to what it is now, a large web site with hundreds of articles and thousands of photos. It is currently going through it's 4th major upgrade. Over the years I have added photos and information about the many places I've visited or the things that interest me. It lets me combine my love of bushwalking, flora, fauna, history and photography.

The web site takes it's name from Dingo Gap, between Mt Dingo and Mt Merrimerrigal in the Wild Dog Mountains. Dingo Gap is a little place that I thought was very, very special.

The Australian Bush is a special place that must be respected and deserves to be preserved. It is also a place that needs to be seen.

It's nice to know it's there but I think that until you have experienced the Bush you can't really appreciate it.

If my photos encourage you to go start bushwalking and experience the Bush I will have done my job.

If you simply can't get out there then perhaps Dingo Gap can show you just how fantastic our Australian Bush really is.

I hope you enjoy your visit.