Gundungura Guide Booklet

A description of walking routes, canyons, cave and rock-climbs, with notes on History, Geology, Flora, Fauna and Anthropology - to be used in conjunction with the Gundungura Bushwalking (Sketch) Map of the Greater Southern Blue Mountains.

Sydney University Rover Crew (SURC)

Sydney University Rover Crew (SURC)


Paddy Pallin Pty Ltd

PDF Version: (6050 KB)

PDF Version: (4446 KB)

This valuable book was compiled and published by the Sydney University Rover Crew.

Dr Geoff Ford has placed it in the Public Domain as a resource for bushwalkers and made this scanned copy available for download here.

There is no restriction on personal use or printing, provided the work is attributed to the Sydney University Rover Crew.

Thanks to Geoff Ford, Rick Jamieson, Athol Abrahams and others of the Sydney University Rover Crew for all the hard work required to produce this fascinating book.