Genowlan Pinch, Airly Frustum and Airly Turret Slot


Mugii Murum-ban State Conservation Area (NSW)

Glen Alice 8931-4N

Mugii Murum-ban SCA
Airly Gap
Airly Frustum
Airly Turret Slot
Genowlan Pinch

Day Walk


4.6 kilometres

800 - 1030 metres

410 metres

410 metres

45 %

17 %



This exciting walk starts and finshes at Airly Gap. Although it is not a long walk there is so much to see that it takes all day.

We crossed the road and headed south-east up the spur towards Airly Turret. We crossed the old fence line and following one of the animal pads, contoured along the side of the spur for about 400m before turning north-east and dropping down to cross the gully an head up to the Genowlan Pinch.

Genowlan Pinch is a narrow defile allowing access through a pagoda cliff line on Genowlan Mountain. It is a very tight squeeze. You can go around it if this ins't for you.

A short distance further on we reached the Airly Frustum. Airly Frustum is a large cavern that has been eroded beneath the pagodas by water. There is plenty of room for a party to sit on the ledges, have a break and enjoy this beautiful place.

From Airly Frustum we headed north and around to the left and through a large slot before continuing north looking for a way up through the pagodas.

There are at least 3 and probably 4 different ways up through the pagodas. Our route would take us up the 1st, allowing us to head south and look down into the Airly Turret Slot. The route up is hard on the right, masked behind a large rock. A short scramble brings you out onto a ramp that you can follow through the lower pagodas. From there head south and take the fairly obvious route through the upper pagodas. There are fabulous views along the slot all the way to Airly Turret. It is a great spot for a lunch break.

After lunch we walked north to see the old open cut mine that used to operate on top of the mountain and the amazing home made machinery that was used in the mining operation.

From there we headed back south to visit Airly Turret Slot. We headed south and worked out way around the pagodas to get to the bottom of the cliff line.

As you walk down there is point where you could turn south and climb Airly Turret or continue west back to the car park. We headed north a short way, up into the impressive Airly Turret Slot. It was beautiful - well worth the visit.

After leaving the slot we followed the dry creek bed down the hill and back to Airly Gap.

Last Updated: 06-05-2019