Airly Turret Slot

Airly Turret Slot is a large slot immediately to the north of Airly Turret.

The slot is perhaps 100m long and almost 50m high and 3 or 4 metres wide. The floor of the slot is a tree fern forest.

Airly Turret Slot is on exactly the same alignment as the cliff line below the Mine In The Sky and the western cliffs on Airly Turret. This alignment gives a clue to the natural forces in play and to the way the stunning cliff lines and pagodas inthis area were formed.

Genowlan Pinch, Airly Frustum and Airly Turret Slot

Glen Alice 8931-4N

243 324 - 243 325

950 metres


Mugii Murum-ban State Conservation Area (NSW)

Genowlan Mountain



Last Updated: 30-06-2019