Colboyd - Kowmung - Bullhead Loop

26-05-2018 - 27-05-2018

Kanangra-Boyd National Park (NSW)

Gundungera (Unirover)
Kanangra 8930-3S
Kanangra Tops (Dunphy)
Kowmung (Dunphy)
Yerranderie 8929-4N

Cambage Spire
Colboyd Ridge
Kanangra Walls
Kowmung River
Marrilman Heath
Pindari Top
Wallaby Pass

Pack Walk



22.1 kilometres

1090 - 260 metres

1404 metres

1404 metres

58.3 %

12.6 %



This trip to the Kowmung River starts and ends at Kanangra Walls. It can be done in either direction but I prefer going out along the Colboyd Ridge and returning along Bullhead Ridge. Walking through open forest along high ridges means wonderful views for most of the walk. There is a lovely camp site on the Kowmung River just upstream from the junction with Christys Creek.

The route crosses Marrilman Heath and Pindari Top, skirts the western cliffs of Mt Bungin and Mt Colboyd and on to Mt Le Tonsure and Arabanoo Peak. There is a pocket of rainforest on the eastern side of Mt Le Tonsure. Take care to avoid the Giant Stinging Tree, unusual at 825 metres.

Next comes Mt Execution and Executioner Bluffs. There is a route down a narrow spur starting from the southern end of the bluffs to Stonehag Hill.

The eastern side of StoneHag Hill is flanked by a small cliff line. With care it is possible to scramble down the cliff line. There are 2 routes - one to the east, the other to the south. I've used the southern route several times. A tape makes it easier. From there it's down the ridge to Arabanoo Creek, then Christys Creek to the Kowmung River and the campsite.

The return route is straight up the ridge past Sullen Tor and on up to Cambage Spire.

As you gain height there are plenty of wonderful views. Make sure you look back across at Stonehag Hill (can you see the face?) and at the route down Executioner Bluffs.

From Cambage Spire it's a simple ridgewalk up to Bullhead Mountain and up Bulhead Ridge to the Mt Murrarang, Maxwell Top and back to Kanangra Walls.

This is one of my favourite Kanangra Walks. I've done it several times, as a pack walk and as a long day walk.

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