Kanangra Walls

Kanangra Walls is a long cliff line that wraps around the southern and eastern sides of Kanangra Deep.

The southern side has heavily eroded by a number of small creeks, including Kanangra Creek and Kalang Creek. The eastern side is a continuous cliff line running north-east to Kanangra Head.

A walking track runs along the cliff tops and offers wonderful views of Kanangra Walls, Kanangra Deep, Thurat Walls, Thurat Spires. To the west, water can be seen cascading down Kanangra Falls.

Kanangra Walls is the starting place of many long pack walks into the wilderness, including the classic Kanangra to Katoomba walk. There are many interesting day walks and the area is well known for it's challenging abseiling and canyoning.

There is no formal camping at Kanangra Walls although walkers do camp in the Dance Floor Cave or the Coal Seam Cave. A well established camping area is located a few kilometres away where the Boyd River crosses the Kanangra Walls Road.

Colboyd - Kowmung - Bullhead Loop

Gangerang (Dunphy)
Kanangra 8930-3S
Kanangra Tops (Dunphy)
Kowmung (Dunphy)

344 358

1066 metres


Kanangra-Boyd National Park (NSW)




Last Updated: 04-01-2019