Coxs River

The Coxs River rises in the Blue Mountains just north of Lithgow at Gardiners Gap and flows 100k into Lake Burragorang.

This picturesque little river winds through deep valleys and rugged landscape, passing by the Wild Dog Mountains, The Krungle Bungles and Mt Cloudmaker.

There are lots of places to camp between Breakfast Creek and Kanangra Creek.

The water in the Coxs River is not good to drink. You should carry your own water in. The water in Kanangra Creek is generally drinkable. Most of the creeks that drain in to the Coxs River are dry unless there has been recent rain.

On a number of occasions I have been entertained by Dingoes howling during the night while camping beside the Coxs River.

I have seen feral cattle along the river downstream of Konangaroo Clearing.

I have walked down the Coxs River as far as the Kowmung River. Note: there is no public access the river downstream of Gangerang Reach and large financial penalities apply. I was there as part of an official serarch for a missing bushwalker.

K2K - Whalania Heights to Dunphys Campground

Gangerang (Dunphy)
Jamison 8930-2N
Jenolan 8930-3N
Kanangra 8930-3S

200 - 120 metres


Blue Mountains National Park (NSW)



Last Updated: 08-06-2019