City In The Sky

The City in the Sky is a large outcrop of pagodas that towers over the Valley of the Kings and the Valley of the Dinosaurs.

The pagodas were named by Dr Haydn Washington in 1984.

Bounded to the north and south by huge smooth pagodas, the main pagoda complex comprises fragile, convoluted platey pagodas.  The tops of the pagodas are littered with shattered iron stone shards, all that is left from the erosion processes at work in this highly exposed area.  

The City in the Sky is 900 metres NNE from Genowlan Trig.

An old survey mark installed in 1891 marks the northern boundary of the City in The Sky.

Genowlan Mountain and the City In The Sky

Glen Alice 8931-4N

257 325

967 metres


Mugii Murum-ban State Conservation Area (NSW)

Genowlan Mountain



Last Updated: 04-01-2019