Young Man Canobolas

Cudal 8631-S

850 084

1325 metres

The official name for this peak is Young Man Canobola but it is generally known as Young Man Canobolas.

Young Man Canobola is the smaller of the 2 main peaks in the Mt Canobolas State Conservation Area.

Canobolas is derived from an Aboriginal word meaning 2 shoulders. The 2 shoulders are the twin peaks of Old Man and Young Man Canobolas.

Although smaller, Young Man Canobola is the older of the volcanic peaks.

There is a track leading to Young Man Canobola from Mt Canobolas.

There are some great views from the summit and an interesting forest to walk through.

Young Man Canobola


Mt Canobolas State Conservation Area (NSW)



Last Updated: 02-06-2019