Yileen Gully

Yileen Gully is small stream that starts on the southern slopes of Birrabang Ridge and flowss into Passes Pass Creek some 2.5km later.

The stream in Yileen Gully has eroded through the soft sandstone and closer to the Grose Valley becomes a deep gorge known as Yileen Canyon.

Bushwalkers can access Yileen Gully easily and can follow the stream some distance into the canyon section until it becomes difficult to climb back out.

Canyoners continue on and after a swim and a couple of abseils, walk back out to Pierces Pass.

Central Blue Mountains (Dunphy)
Mt Wilson 8930-1N

518 835 - 523 821

1000 - 500 metres


Blue Mountains National Park (NSW)

Bell Range



Last Updated: 21-06-2019