Yerra Crags

Yerra Crags are erosion residuals, rocky outcrops at the top of a hill at the eastern end of Carmarthen Ridge, between Carmarthen Brook & Explorers Brook.

Myles Dunphy named the Yerra Crags using an Aboriginal word for teeth.

There are excellent views of Mt Dixon, Mt Strezleki, Mt Caley to the south, To the north there are views up the length of Carmarthen Brook towards the Camels Hump & Mt Tomah.

Easiest access is along Carmarthen Ridge, a distance of 7 kilometres through thick bush. But it isn't really easy.

The views really are worth the effort.

Central Blue Mountains (Dunphy)
Mt Wilson 8930-1N

607 812

750 metres


Blue Mountains National Park (NSW)



Last Updated: 26-05-2019