Yeddonba Rock Art

Yeddonba Aboriginal Cultural Site at the foot of Mt Pilot contains a number of highly significant features - a shelter, an art site and bush tucker areas. The site is considered Sacred by most local indigenous people.

The art site has a number of red ochre paintings which depict what is thought to be a thylacine, a goanna and a snake, spirit animals of the local clans. The paintings are very faint, probably because of their age.

Thylacines were extinct on mainland Australia some 2,000 years ago. If the painting does depict a thylacine it certainly is very old.

A well maintained path leads visitors through the site visiting each of the significant areas. Interpretive signs help visitors understand the importance of the area.

I have visited Yeddonba on a number of occasions - it is a very special place.

Rock Art

Yeddonba Aboriginal Cultural Site (VIC)


Last Updated: 04-01-2019