Wolgan Valley

The Wolgan Valley was formed by the Wolgan River. The valley is almost totally surrounded by high cliffs.

Aboriginal people lived in the Wolgan Valley for thousands of years and the valley contains a number of important cultural sites. The valley was first settled by Europeans in the 1820s.

Today the valley is a quiet, picturescue farming community but in the early 1900s it was the centre of a major Oil Shale Industry.

Oil Shale was mined & processed at Newnes and the end products were transported out of the valley via the Wolgan Valley Railway.

During the construction of the Newnes Oil Works and the Wolgan Valey Railway, the Old Coach Road was built to make it easier to get provide more direct access for workers and materials.

Today there is only a single narrow road into the valley.

Ben Bullen 8931-4S
Cullen Bullen 8931-3N
Mt Morgan 8931-1S

600 metres


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