Wolgan Capertee Divide

The Wolgan Capertee Divide is a range of connected mesas and mountains that separate the watersheds of the Wolgan and Capertee Rivers. The Skyline Traverse is a magnificent 3 day walk along the divide.

The Wolgan River runs through the Wolgan Valley to the south of the divide. The Capertee River runs through the Capertee Valley to the north.

The cliff lines are high and sheer. There are Passes and Gaps that allow access to the top of the divide and in some place through to the valley on the other side.

Walking along the divide is fairly easy. Water is hard to find and needs to be carried.

There are huge pagodas everywhere.

In places there are gorges and canyons with nice formations, decorated with mosses and orchids.

The views are tremendous and well worth the effort.

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Last Updated: 17-05-2019