Waratah Ravines

The Waratah Ravines lie between Waratah Ridge (to the north) and Bungleboori Creek (to the south).

Deep ravines and convoluted canyons have been eroded by the tributaries of the Bungleboori Creek.

Exciting to enter and challenging to scramble out, the bottom of the ravines are a wonderland of rock faces, sandy beaches, rock pools, overhangs, giant ferns and moss.

In some places walking in the canyons is easy. In others log jams and rock piles make it much more difficult.

The Waratah Ravines are a beautiful place to visit.

Wollangambe 8931-2S

467 995

950 - 890 metres


Newnes State Forest (NSW)

Newnes State Forest



Last Updated: 04-01-2019