Tunnel Creek

Tunnel Creek rises 2 kilometres NNW from Deanes Siding.  The creek flows generally north for about 3.5 kilometres before turning west  Bells Grotto, through Tunnel Gorge and on down to join the Wolgan River.

A lot of the time Tunnel Creek flows alongside the route of the Wolgan Valley Railway.

At one point the creek was forced underground for a short distance through the Tunnel Creek Cavern.  A short distance later the creek flows through Bells Grotto, one of the highlights of a walk down Tunnel Creek.

When it leaves Bells Grotto, the Creek flows past the Glow Worm Tunnel and on through the luscious tree fern forest in Tunnel Gorge before dropping down to the river.  

Ben Bullen 8931-4S
Cullen Bullen 8931-3N

412 164 - 400 198

1000 - 550 metres


Wollemi National Park (NSW)

Wollemi National Park



Last Updated: 04-01-2019