Thommos Chains

Thommos Chains provide an alternate route through the cliff line at the southern end of Mt Dingo in the Wild Dog Mountains.

The Chains are mounted immediately below Splendour Rock. Thommo's Chains were installed in the early 1950s and are named after Bob Thomas.

Dunphy's Gangerang Map shows 'Descent by chains' suggesting the chains were only meant as a way down from Splendour Rock. The chains can be climbed up or down.

There are 2 separate chains mounted to the rock but only 1 runs down the cliff. The 2nd is configured as a loop at the top. Metal spikes in the rock face provide foor & hand holds. There is evidence that some components have been replaced.

Jenolan 8930-3N

422 502

870 metres


Blue Mountains National Park (NSW)

Wild Dog Mountains



Last Updated: 01-05-2019