The Goat Track

The Goat Track Pass is an old pass through the Kedumba Walls cliff line.

The pass was used by pioneers living in the Kedumba Valley to get to Wentworth Falls. It follows a steep narrow ridge up out of the valley and connects with the Kedumba Pass at the top of the cliffs. The 1.25k route crosses the fire trail once.

The pass was used every week by the Maxwell family who lived in the farm near the Kedumba Crossing.

There are spectacular views of the Kedumba Valley, Mt Solitary and the Lions Head from various points on the Goat Track Pass. There are excellent views in all directions from a rock platform near the top of the pass.

There is some exposure on this pass. A chain, attached at the top, provides assistance on a particularly steep section between the 1st and 2nd fire trail crossing. The chain can be avoided using a spur a little further north.

Jamison 8930-2N

565 581 - 572 587

245 - 660 metres


Blue Mountains National Park (NSW)



Last Updated: 04-01-2019