Seymour Top

In 1864 Thomas Seymour climbed onto what is now called Seymour Top using a narrow ledge, 200 metres long, that traverses the eastern cliffs. He had ridden up from the Burragorang Valley looking for stray cattle.

A short distance from the pass, at what is now called Headless Rider Point he saw what he called 'one of the greatest views of his life'.

Seymour Top has many lookouts, each with its own special view.

Thick heath on Seymour Top makes it difficult to walk anywhere but the track. The heath is amazing. No matter what the season, something seems to be in flower. Birds and insects love heath. It is a great place just to stand and watch.

In addition to Seymour's First Ascent Pass there are two other passes - the Ramp up at the north western end and a difficult slot in a gap in the western cliffs.

The Ramp was built by the Army in 1942. Metal ladders were used before the Ramp was built and prior to that Aboriginals used a tree trunk for a ladder.

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