Redledge Pass

Redledge Pass was used by miners from the Glen Shale Mine to get to and from Katoomba. It is a long pass with several distinct sections.

The pass descends a long slot from Narrow Neck Plateau into a hanging valley formed by Corral Creek.It crosses the creek and emerges from the western side of the valley onto a wide ledge. There is Log Book in a tin here.

The pass continues west along the ledge for about 250 metres. There are some quite narrow sections of track in this section and some exposure.

There are 2 possible routes through the final cliff line.

The first route passes under a large rock and descends a well worn track through a deep, reentrant slot. The second route is about 25 metres further west and is very steep, also through a reentrant slot. Both emerge on the same ledge below the cliff line.

Relics from the Glen Shale Mine are at the bottom of the scree slope below Redledge Pass.

Katoomba 8930-1S
Nellys Glen (Ford)

470 625

950 metres


Blue Mountains National Park (NSW)

Narrow Neck Plateau



Last Updated: 05-06-2019