Point Perpendicular Lighthouse

The Point Perpendicular Lighthouse was built at Point Perpendicular at the southern end of the Beecroft Peninsular. Point Perpendicular is the northern headland marking the entrance to Jervis Bay.

Point Perpendicular Lighthouse operated from 1899 to 1993 when it was replaced by an automated solar light on a skeletal tower.

The lighthouse at Point Perpendicular replaced the Cape St George Lighthouse located south of Jervis Bay.

The Point Perpendicular Lighthouse was build of concrete blocks cast on site, lifted into position and cement-rendered in place.

The lighthouse is within the Jervis Bay Military Reserve. A significant part of the Beecroft Peninsular is used for naval gunnery practice. You can visit Point Perpendicular Lighthouse during daylight hours except during gunnery practice.

Currarong 9027-1N

999 143

90 metres

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