Point Cameron

Pt Cameron is approximately 1 kilometre north, north west of Mt Davidson on the Wolgan Capertee Divide and 4 kilometres south, south east of Pantoneys Crown.

Pt Cameron is an easy walk down the ridge from Mt Davidson through reasonably open forest and heath.

A pass through the cliff line at Pt Cameron allows access to and from the Capertee Valley. This pass is sometimes used on trips to or from Pantoneys Crown.

There are great views from the pagodas at the tops of the Pt Cameron cliffs. There are lots of pagodas to explore.

After rain, fresh water is usually available from the Pondage Canyon. This canyon is the main drainage for runoff from the pagodas at Pt Cameron.

There is comfortable camping at The Pondage. If it is too wet, there is a large overhang at the entrance to the Pondage Canyon.

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Last Updated: 19-05-2019