Plateau Trig

Plateau Trig is a minor trig station located on Gogy Ridge, just under 500 metres south of Kanangra Pass and about 600 metres west of Dione Top.

Despite being so close to the Kanangra Walls Road, Plateau Trig is very hard to get to. It is completely surrounded by some of the thickest heath I have ever seen.

The Plateau Trig cairn has collapsed. The post has rotted & the disc has rusted. Never the less, the views from Plateau Trig are as good as they ever were.

Although not marked on any maps I have found a number of Tin Tags on Gogy Ridge, denoting an old bushwalking route. There is a Tin Tag on a stake at Plateau Trig, similar to the others I have seen.

The views are excellent but you would have to be very keen.

Kanangra 8930-3S
Kanangra Tops (Dunphy)
Kowmung (Dunphy)

295 340

1213 metres

Trig Station


Kanangra-Boyd National Park (NSW)

Gogy Ridge



Last Updated: 04-01-2019