Oronga Canyon

Oronga Canyon lies hidden between Oronga Ridge & Wongarra Hill.

The canyon has 2 branches that join to form the main lower canyon that flows out into the Grose Valley.

Oronga Canyon is usually explored by walking down one branch and back out the other.

There is a pass up onto Wongarra Hill on the western side just above the Oronga Canyon exit portal. There is also a route out to the east just upstream of the junction.

There a couple of points where Bushwalkers can scramble down into the lower canyon section to explore. The usual way into the lower canyon is to abseil where the lower section starts.

There are some amazing views of Mt Banks & the Grose Valley from the exit portal of the Oronga Canyon.

Myles Dunphy called the lower canyon Oronga Crevasse in his 1965 Central Blue Mountains map but it is more widely known as Oronga Canyon.

Central Blue Mountains (Dunphy)
Mt Wilson 8930-1N

544 812

800 metres

Oronga Crevasse


Blue Mountains National Park (NSW)

Bell Range



Last Updated: 21-05-2019