Mt Bungin

Mt Bungin is a large rocky outcrop surrounded by cliffs. There are 2 passes at the northern end and a pass at the southern end near Mt Bulgin that allow access to the top.

There is a large overhang in the western cliffs that might be used for shelter if necessary.

Mt Bungin is about 200 metres south of Pindari Top. It is part of a chain of remnants along the Colboyd Range running down to Middle Christys.

Mt Bungin is mostly covered with thick heath. Some high rock platforms, like Colleys Lookout, provide excellent views of the area.

Gangerang (Dunphy)
Kanangra Tops (Dunphy)
Kowmung (Dunphy)
Yerranderie 8929-4N

323 327

1034 metres


Kanangra-Boyd National Park (NSW)

Colboyd Ridge



Last Updated: 04-01-2019