Moffitts Pagodas

Moffitts Pagodas are at the end of a ridge overlooking Rowen's Hole, a basin nestled between the Great Dividing Range & Baal Bone Point.

The eastern end of the ridge is a complex structure of pagodas, ramps, slots and sudden drops. Exploring is a must but extreme care is required so the delicate decorations on the pagodas are not damaged.

There are magnificent 360° views from the tops of the highest pagodas.

Enticing destinations like Pantoneys Crown, Baal Bone Point, Mount Airly, Blackmans Crown and Platform Rock can all be seen.

The name commemorates Joyce and Vern Moffitt who actively promoted the Gardens of Stone National Park.

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Gardens of Stone National Park (NSW)

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Last Updated: 07-05-2019