Mitchells Pass

Mitchells Pass provides a route through the Narrow Neck cliff line.

Spikes in a tall coachwood growing close to the cliff wall serve as a ladder. There is a tricky transition from the ladder to the rock ledge at the top.

The easiest approach to Mitchells Creek Pass from the bottom is from the slopes of the left of the creek.

It is possible to follow the creek up to the pass but it is hard going.

The other route is high on the right hand side, just below the cliff line, until the creek is reached.

Progress will be blocked by a high cascade. Cross the creek and traverse left to locate the route around the cascade.

Jamison 8930-2N

463 604

900 - 930 metres

Coachwood Pass


Blue Mountains National Park (NSW)

Narrow Neck Plateau



Last Updated: 04-06-2019