Lucknow Gold Field

Gold was discovered in Lucknow in May 1851, soon after the Ophir gold rush started.

One hunded and sixty years on, the landscape around Lucknow is still dominated by its gold mining heritage. Poppet heads, mine buildings, mullock heaps & bluestone dam walls are still plainly visible in & around the village. When mining ceased the landscape was not restored as required today.

The original alluvial workings were replaced by underground mines. Tunnel flooding was a major problem in these mines.

The most complete mine site is the Wentworth Mine to the east of Lucknow.

During the 1880s and 1890s the Lucknow goldfield was one of the richest in NSW.

Orange 8731-3N

015 079

870 metres

Mining Relics



Last Updated: 01-06-2019