Lions Head Pass

The Lions Head Pass is an old pass through the Kedumba Walls cliff line.

The Pass was used by pioneers living in the Kedumba Valley to get to Wentworth Falls. It follows a steep gully up out of the valley.

Over the years the Lions Head Pass was forgotten. It was rediscovered some 20 years ago but is rarely visited.

A very old, very large cairn marks the top of the Lions Head Pass. There is a Log Book in the cairn.

If you walk out to Lions Head you can follow the Lions Head Pass down into the Kedumba Valley, visit the old Kedumba Farm and walk out of the valley up Kedumba Pass or The Goat Track.

Jamison 8930-2N

580 561 - 578 562

640 - 500 metres


Blue Mountains National Park (NSW)



Last Updated: 04-01-2019