Lions Head

Lions Head is aptly named. It's distinctive shape, jutting out from Kedumba Walls can be recognised from many vantage points in the area.

Lions Head forms part of Kedumba Walls and dominates much of the Kedumba Valley's eastern skyline.

A rock platform on Lions Head provides some of the best views anywhere in the Blue Mountains: Mt Cloudmaker, the Wild Dog Mountains, Mt Solitary, the Kedumba Valley, the Jamison Valley and on to Katoomba.

A Pass though the Kedumba Walls cliff line onto Lions Head allowed early settlers living in the upper Burragorang Valley and the Kedumba Valley access to Kings Tableland.

Lions Head is reached via a short walk along Lions Head Ridge.  The spectacular views of the pristine wilderness make it well worth the effort.

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Blue Mountains National Park (NSW)



Last Updated: 04-01-2019