Lapstone Zig Zag Railway

When it was opened in 1867, the Lapstone Zig Zag was the first rail route to ascend Lapstone Hill and allowed railway access to the mountain communities.

Lapstone Zig Zag was a major engineering feat and included the huge Knapsack Viaduct. It was the first Zig Zag built in Australia.

It was constructed in 3 sections, a top road, a middle road and a bottom road. Trains using the Zig Zag had to be short enough to fit between the points and the dead end tracks. Trains always reversed up or down the middle road.

Most of the railbed is still intact and it is quite an easy walk. The remains of Lucasville Station on the top road can still be seen.

There are excellent views of Knapsack Viaduct from Siding Lookout near the top road dead end.

Walking tracks are well sign posted.

Penrith 9030-3N


Knapsack Reserve (NSW)



Last Updated: 30-06-2021