Kanangra Falls

Kanangra Falls is a large waterfall on Kanangra Creek 800m north east of Ianthe Top and adjacent to Johnsons Point.

Kanangra Creek plunges 150m into Kanangra Gorge in a series of waterfalls and cascades.

The waterfall is popular with canyoners and known by them as Kanangra Main.

There are excellent views over Kanangra Gorge from the top of the falls. There are some good views of the falls from vantage points on Kittani Point and Tallai Rib as well as from Kanangra Walls.

Gangerang (Dunphy)
Kanangra 8930-3S
Kanangra Tops (Dunphy)

321 362

1040 metres

Kanangra Main


Kanangra-Boyd National Park (NSW)




Last Updated: 16-06-2019