Holts Heaven

Holts Heaven is a beautiful set of Pagodas on the southern side of the Bungleboori Creek and a short walk north from the Clarence Fire Trail on Girdwood Ridge.

The Pagodas were named by Peter Fox for Michael Holt on an NPA walk in the area.  This was one of several sites named on that walk.

The huge platy pagodas in Holts Heaven are beautifully decorated and nicely coloured.

The pagodas are separated by deep slots, some with large drops near the bottom.  As a result they need to be explored individually and the slots skirted. Some of the pagodas have interesting benches that can be accessed from the slots.

There are excellent views up and down the Bungleboori from Holts Heaven.  

Wollangambe 8931-2S

464 976

1032 metres


Newnes State Forest (NSW)

Newnes State Forest




Last Updated: 04-01-2019