Haystack Neck

Haystack Neck is an erosion residual linking Mt Haystack to the south-west & the hill to the north-east.

The neck is about 15 metres wide with sheer cliffs to the east and the west.

From the Neck you can look easily down into the luxurious rainforest growing immediately below the eastern cliffs, a unique opportunity.

There are spectacular views of the Neck from the rocks at either end. There are also great views of Mt Wilson, Mt Tomah & Mt Bell.

The Haystack Neck cliffs can be seen from the Wilderness Lookout at the western edge of the Mount Tomah Botannical Gardens.

Central Blue Mountains (Dunphy)
Mt Wilson 8930-1N

592 874

870 metres


Blue Mountains National Park (NSW)

Bell Range



Last Updated: 01-06-2019