Gordon Smith Pass

Gangerang (Dunphy)
Gundungera (Unirover)
Kanangra 8930-3S
Kanangra Tops (Dunphy)

350 360

1020 metres

Gordon Smith Pass provides a fairly easy route from Brennan Top down to the Kilpatrick Causeway.

Gordon Smith Pass was named after Gordon Smith, one of the 'Tiger Walkers', a phenomenal bushman & walker who died in a Japenese Prisoner of War Camp in World War II.

The Pass descends through a large slot, filled with a boulders & rubble. Some scrambling skills are needed but the pass can be negotiated with care.

From the bottom of the slot a track heads generally north down to the Kilpatrick Causeway.

There are a couple of good lookouts just near the top of the Gordon Smith Pass.

Aboriginal Artwork can be seen on the rock walls at the base of the Pass.


Kanangra-Boyd National Park (NSW)

Kanangra Tops



Last Updated: 03-05-2019