Golden Stairs

The Golden Stairs is a pass that leads up from Pitts Amphitheatre onto Narrow Neck Plateau.

The track was developed from a pass used by miners when oil shale was mined near the Ruined Castle and the Glen Shale Mine in the Megalong Valley.

The Golden Stairs track allows access between the Jamison Valley and Narrow Neck Plateau. Originally the track negotiated some small cliff faces by a series of ladders and chains. The ladders and chains have been replaced by modern steps, making it a pretty easy track.

The name is apparently derived from a hymn sung by members of the Salvation Army who conducted services in the Jamison Valley. The hymn was called "Walking Up The Golden Stairs".

Jamison 8930-2N
Katoomba 8930-1S

482 639 - 483 636

800 - 960 metres


Blue Mountains National Park (NSW)

Narrow Neck Plateau



Last Updated: 06-06-2019