Glen Shale Mine & Tramway

The Glen Shale Mines in the Megalong Valley operated between 1886 & about 1895. Shale extracted from the mine was transported via skips on a cable drawn tramway.

The tramway ran north along the Megalong Valley & turned east to go through the Mt Rennie tunnel under the Narrow Neck Plateau. Along its route the tramway had to cross Diamond Creek & Corral Creek.

When the track emerged from the Mt Rennie tunnel it crossed a viaduct & went through another tunnel under Malatia Point. The shale was taken to the top of the valley via the Katoomba Incline, an incline railway at the site of the present scenic railway.

When the mines were exhausted in 1896 the infrastructure was removed and used at other locations. In 1903 the tramway was relaid and 16,000 tons of shale was removed from the stock piles.

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