Ganguddy Campground

The Ganguddy Campground at Dunns Swamp is located in the Wollemi National Park about 25 kilometres from Kandos and Rylstone.

Dunns Swamp was created when the Kandos Weir was built in 1930, to provide water for the Kandos Cement Plant.

The camping area is nestled in a spectacular pagoda landscape. It is large and well equipped with 50 camp sites, fenced vehicle tracks, parking areas, fireplaces and toilets. Firewood is provided although large groups are asked to bring their own.

Fees are charged for camping at the Gunguddy Camp Ground.

Dunns Swamp offers a range of activities including swimming, boating, camping, bushwalking and fishing.

A number of well marked tracks have been constructed to display various aspects of the environment.

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Last Updated: 04-01-2019