Dunns Swamp

Dunns Swamp was created when the Kandos Weir was built in 1930, to provide water for the Kandos Cement Plant.

The dam is located in a spectacular pagoda landscape. The pagodas were formed by the weathering of rocky outcrops of sandstone, long before the Kandos Weir wasbuilt.

Pagodas are not usually associated with water but at Dunns Swamp they are immersed in it. The higher pagodas offer fantastic views over the area.

There is an ancient Aboriginal Hand Stencil site at Dunns Swamp.

Dunns Swamp offers a range of activities including swimming, boating, camping, bushwalking and fishing. Ganguddy Camp Ground is a large and well equipped camping area.

Olinda 8932-3N

384 639

650 metres


Wollemi National Park (NSW)

Wollemi National Park



Last Updated: 04-01-2019