Dalpura Ridge

Dalpura Ridge runs from Bells Line of Road to the Grose Valley, bounded on the west by Dalpura Creek and by Birrabang Creek on the east.

The views of the Grose Valley are sensational.

A small creek flows from Dalpura Ridge down through a small canyon like gully to merge with Dalpura Creek in a large chamber. 

There are two narrow peninsulars, one where Dalpura Ridge drops into the Grose Valley, the other projecting into a large amphitheatre cut by Birrabang Creek & both with amazing views.

Dalpura Head provides excellent views of the Grose Valley as well as the amphitheatre in Birrabang Creek.

Dalpura Ridge is an interesting area to walk.

Central Blue Mountains (Dunphy)
Mt Wilson 8930-1N

510 860 - 501 850

1000 metres


Blue Mountains National Park (NSW)

Bell Range



Last Updated: 29-12-2018