Crown Ridge Shale Mine

The mines at Crown Ridge operated in 1896 & periodically from 1905 to 1932.

In 1922 a Stockhausen Retort was built at Crown Ridge and used to process the torbanite. Ponies and carts were used to transport the torbanite around the mine. Finished products were trucked to Capertee for shipment.

There are significant and unusual cracks in the pagoda structure at the northern end of Blackmans Crown, above the mines. These cracks may well be related to mining activity.

At the summit of Blackmans Crown, several pagodas have been inscribed with initials and names. One inscription is dated 10 March 1907.

Capertee 8831-1S

797 257

925 metres

Mining Relics

Capertee Reserve (NSW)

Blackmans Crown



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