Borenore Verandah Cave

The Verandah Cave is beautiful limestone overhang that was eroded by the creek that flows through it. There are large pools in the cool shaded environment.

There is a narrow rock shelf immediately above the overhang. The shelf peters out about halfway along the Verandah Cave.

The are old cave formations in the overhang and on the rock shelf above, reminders of the decorations that would have festooned the walls and the roof when the Verandah Cave was part of an active cave system.

Visitors have written their names and a date on many of the rock surfacers. While many are recent some date back to the 1890s.

The Verandah Cave is a 3.5 kilometre walk from the Borenore Caves Picnic Area along the Boree Creek Trail.

Molong 8631

788 202

700 metres


Borenore Karst Conservation Reserve (NSW)

Borenore Caves Reserve



Last Updated: 06-05-2019