Borenore Tunnel Cave

The Tunnel Cave is a long, dark passage, about 110 metres long, which emerges from the base of a large hill.

The top entrance looks like it was formed when the roof collapsed and created a sink hole. The sink hole is about 30 metres higher than the entrance at the bottom of the hill. The cave probably went a lot further once but any other passages are blocked.

Large Bentwing Bats hibernate in the Tunnel Cave during winter. The Tunnel Cave is closed from 1 May to 31 October each year so these vulnerable bats are not disturbed.

The Tunnel Cave is closed during wet weather. The Tunnel Cave is subject to flash flooding during wet weather and thunder storms.

Molong 8631

789 199

700 metres


Borenore Karst Conservation Reserve (NSW)

Borenore Caves Reserve



Last Updated: 04-05-2019