Bleichert Ropeway of the Jamison Valley

The Bleichert Aerial Ropeway was built by John North to transport oil shale from his mines near the Ruined Castle to the Katoomba Incline, some 3.4 kilometres across the Jamison Valley.

It was built using imported Bleichert equipment and local hardwood timber and used a continuous cable to transport buckets across the valley.

The Bleichert Ropeway was driven by an engine near the Katoomba Incline and supported along its route by support towers constructed on ridge tops across the valley.

The Ropeway had to rise steeply from the valley at each end of it's route and this contributed to the mechanical problems that dogged its operation.

After only 9 months the Bleichert Ropeway was abandoned. Cables, buckets, pulleys and the remains of some pylons can still be found in the valley.

Jamison 8930-2N
Katoomba 8930-1S

497 639 - 489 616

Mining Relics

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Last Updated: 04-01-2019