Blackmans Crown

Blackmans Crown is a significant pagoda outcrop on Crown Ridge in the Capertee Reserve.

There are a number of different routes to the top of Blackmans Crown. Some are easy but others can be quite challenging.

A north-south traverse of Blackmans Crown follows a circuitous route along narrow ledges up and down slots & under a chock stone. At one point, most people crawl along a rock shelf.

The views from the top of Blackmans Crown are stunning.

Near the summit of Blackmans Crown there are a lot of names and initials carved into the rock. The year 1907 was also carved into the rock.

Shale mining started under Blackmans Crown in 1896 and continued intermittently until about 1946.

Capertee 8831-1S

755 255

969 metres


Capertee Reserve (NSW)

Capertee Reserve



Last Updated: 04-01-2019