Asgard Swamp Coal Mine

The site for the Asgard Mine was developed over many years, probably from 1880 to 1925.  There is a well constructed Kiln just near the Mine Adit.

This site was just one of a number of sites in the upper Grose Valley to be investigated by prospectors.

Over the years the site was leased to a number of different people. There are a number of other relics in the vicinity as well as other mine adits.

The inside of the Kiln looks as though it was never actually used.

E Higginbotham and R. Ian Jack published a very interesting archaeological study of the site in Australian Archaeology, Volume 15 in 1982.

Central Blue Mountains (Dunphy)
Mt Wilson 8930-1N

492 839

830 metres

Mining Relics

Blue Mountains National Park (NSW)



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